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One Coin is going to the NEXT LEVEL =========>


Mining Difficulty! Time to upgrade NOW

As the company continues to grow at record pace, the mining difficulty continues to grow. We have received official notice that the mining difficulty is expected to increase later this week!

What does this mean? It means our coin value will break the 5 Euro price point. It also means that those wanting to upgrade to a premium Trader package or higher, will receive more coins by upgrading that package before the difficulty goes higher as opposed to later.

The Euro is on the rise!

There is another reason people need to upgrade sooner than later. The Euro is rising in value. That means for members from outside of Europe will need to use more of their own currency to purchase the same package. So the wise thing to do is upgrade before the Euro rises even more!

Live Events are happening THIS WEEK! Texas Round-Up!!
Call all your Texas contacts! They need to know about this! There are so many new announcements in One Coin, it is crucial to get in the know for your own success!

Thursday February 4th, 2016
6pm - 9pm
DFW Airport North
Doubletree by Hilton
4441 W John Carpenter Freeway
Irving TX 75063

Saturday February 6th. 2016
10am - 6pm (overview from 10:30-11:30, Training from 12-6)
Crowne Plaza Suites
9090 SW Freeway
Houston TX 77074

We will soon be sending out details about upcoming Live events next week in Sarasota, Fl., & Washington D.C., and Ft. Lauderdale Fl. on February 27th

Elite package going away on February 15th!
That's right, after February 15th, the Elite package will no longer be available for purchase. This is the only package that has a weekly bonus cap of 50,000 Euros. For those building large organizations, consider purchasing this package as it will affect major potential earnings long term!

Festival package going away February 20th!
The Festival will go away as a stand alone purchase as well as the 3rd component to the Triple Combo! That means there will no longer be a Triple Combo after February 20th. With over 29 Million tokens awarded from 6 total splits, this has been by far the most profitable mining package available in One Coin history!

KYC approval process greatly enhanced!
With over 296,000 applications submitted, there was a 45-90 day waiting period for those wanting to get approved for KYC documents in order to sell coins on the exchange and receive their One Pay Mastercard. The company has generously changed their process whereas now within 24 hours of applying, you will be approved conditionally. This means there will be no delay or interruption in being able to sell coins or receive your One pay Mastercard. As an act of good faith, the company will approve you until they manually review your application. If there are missing documents or incorrect information submitted, you will be notified and unapproved until these are fixed. Then you can be re-approved. This is a major testament to the care our CEO and founder Dr. Ruja Ignatova has for us! She listens to the field and does whatever it takes to ensure everyone has the best and most profitable opportunity on earth!

A very profitable opportunity for us all!

The purpose of Coin Safe is to give you EXTRA profit by awarding you extra coins for free as you deposit them into a virtual safe.
Why does the company want to incentivize us to hold on to our coins versus encouraging us to liquidate our coins and sell them on the exchange?

It does not cost One Coin any money when we sell our coins. In fact, it's an additional revenue stream for the company because they earn $0.10 per coin on each transaction

Dr. Ignatova has shared that in order to prove the value of our coin, and to make One Coin a real currency, it must be used to purchase goods and services. This means that Dr. Ignatova wants us to use our coins to purchase items from real businesses and merchants this year when they launch their merchant program! This will provide a clear, organic, and defined value of our coin as we can prove in the real world what our coin is worth when we use it to buy real goods and services. Making the coin very usable will also significantly increase the demand for the coin, causing the real value of the coin to sky rocket!

So many in One Coin are joining this vision along with corporate to focus on our upcoming ability to use our coins to buy products, rather than trade the coin on the exchange. So many people are excited about this development. When the merchant program launches this year, One Coin will have more merchants accepting the coin as a currency than any other crypto currency in the world!

Stay tuned as One Coin yet again will excite the world with upcoming announcements, new technologies being birthed, and new products and services coming to continue to stay ahead of the curve and maintain One Coin as the greatest anomaly to ever cross our path!

See you at the next event!

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