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October 22, 2018

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Thank you

Last week was intense. Thank you again for your strength and compassion. As you know, the effects of last week's tragedy of losing Molly and Troy will stay for a while. Please watch for signs of distress (both loud/obvious and quiet/subtle) in both students and with your colleagues.

I am so proud of you all and our students. We all pulled together and got through the first few days of this with grace. All of your investment in establishing relationships with students and each other paid off in huge ways this week. I am honored to work with each of you.

I want to let you all know about the beautiful comments and actions of support from our community. Our board of directors have expressed heartfelt condolences and have asked how they can help. You have seen the ribbon display organized by MAPA. Academica West employees organized the crisis team of counselors and supported us in person. A school counselor from Ogden Preparatory Academy volunteered her services Thursday. The 801 Rocks group painted and displayed rocks for our students to find and cherish. Students from Highland Junior High sent notes of condolences, which are displayed in the Commons Area. Leadership Learning Academy has offered the assistance of their paras if our staff would like to attend funeral services.

Our Montessori community came out in force. Former MMA directors, Ms. Nancy and Ms. Stephanie, came to offer condolences in person. The Utah Montessori Council sent us beautiful flowers. Elizabeth Academy, a Montessori School in SLC, sent us the poster of condolences displayed out front. Lois Bobo, director of a Montessori school down south, sent the compassionate message below.

The Cross Country team ran on Friday in memory of Troy. It was good to see Michael there and smiling a little despite his pain. Thank you, Hyrum and Julia, for making this opportunity possible.

We are surrounded by love and I hope you feel it. Thank you again and please reach out if you need anything. I hope your weekend was restorative,


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Condolences from Walden School of Liberal Arts

Please accept my sincere and heartfelt condolences at this most difficult of times and please pass these feelings onto the others at MMA. I can't even imagine how difficult it must be to help your school community come to terms with the loss of two of their young friends.

Please know that your Walden counterparts are sending all our love and sympathy.

With warm regards,

Lois Bobo, PhD
Walden School of Liberal Arts

Employee Assistance Program

If you would like to inquire about counseling services for yourself, please contact Reliance Standard at 855-775-4357. I do not have a lot of details about services provided. I will be in contact with you all soon when I know more. If you need assistance immediately, please call this number.
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Evacuation Drill Rescheduled - Again

We got a little busy this week; but, we still need to fit in the evacuation drill this month. We will have the evacuation drill Tuesday, October 30th. Please remember to bring your black emergency bags and meet up at North Shore. If you have any questions, please consult the Emergency Procedures book.
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Girls Scouts Honor Molly

The area Girl Scouts would like to honor Molly, a long time Girl Scout, on Monday, October 29th by wearing their vest or sash to school in memory of her. If they don’t have a vest or sash, they can wear a Girl Scout shirt. This deviation from dress code will be allowed and supported by MMA on Monday.

Coaches' Corner

Instructional coach meetings are next week. Nicoletta sent a schedule. Please email her if you have questions.


This is a reminder that we share materials from the supply room- like pens, pencils, paper, paper clips, and sticky notes. Please do not take large quantities of these materials. Take materials as needed. This year we have had to order more supplies for each month as compared to the last two years. If we do not conserve now; we may run out of these supplies as the budget dwindles toward the end of the school year.


The support staff (Andrea, Nicoletta, Dana, Lana, and René) cares about each of you, thus want to also honor your time that is with each of us. Please know that we want to be here to support you, which takes effort on all of our behalf. Often times we are stopped in the hall and it may seem that we are “too busy for you” or that we are blowing you off. THIS IS NOT THE CASE- The likelihood is that we are in the middle of a situation, on our way to a meeting (so our mind is elsewhere), on our way to give a lesson, or anything else that evolves during the day.

If you are seeking guidance with instruction, perspective, or clarifications, please take these steps in deciding how to communicate:

It is not urgent but I need some communication ASAP:

  • Write note on sticky note and put it on their desk- write a message on the whiteboard- “please come see me…”

It is not urgent but would like clarity sooner than later:

  • Write an email and ask for a response via email or email to schedule an appointment- ask for the designated time 15, 20, 30, 60, etc. minutes

It is urgent and I am a red flag- seeking immediate help:

  • Say - “red flag”

Reading Ticket System

Students who will be in Ms. Jamie’s reading groups will receive a reading ticket with a time listed on it (provided to the teacher). Since Ms. Jamie is by herself, she will need teachers and students to be responsible for getting down to the reading room on the specified day and time. She will be taking attendance for each group and will not be able to come down and gather students. These reading groups with Ms. Jamie do not substitute reading groups in class.

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Red Ribbon Week

This year Red Ribbon Week will happen at MMA November 5th - 9th. MAPA has outlined a gret week. Details are:

Monday Nov. 5th - tie red ribbons

Tuesday Nov. 6th - Rob Eastman, guest speaker

  • 1st-3rd 9-9:25 am
  • 4th-6th 9:30-10:05 am
  • Junior High 10:10-11 am

Wednesday Nov. 7th - Door Decorating

Thursday Nov. 8th - Door contest judging

Please email MAPA if you have questions.

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Century Link Grant Program

CenturyLink would like to hear from PreK-12 teachers who can use more technology in their classrooms! CenturyLink plans to award grants of up to $5,000 each for teachers to spend on technology. We’re taking applications until January 12, and awards will be made after April 1, 2019.

The link to learn more and for teachers to apply is here.

Please forward this e-mail directly to teachers you know, or to anyone you know who is involved in education. Our hope is that it will make its way to public and private school classroom teachers, because teachers are the only ones who can apply for this grant. Please note that applicants must be full-time classroom teachers in a preK-12 public, private or charter school in a CenturyLink residential service area.

The program is called the CenturyLink Teachers and Technology Grant Program. The deadline to apply is January 12, 2019. Here’s a glimpse of some of the projects that have been funded by this grant program:

  • Virtual Reality – Platform that allowed students to go on teacher-led VR field trips – explored cultures, events throughout history, natural wonders.
  • School-wide Video Newscast – Each student produced and aired a 5-minute newsclip using video cameras, microphones, lights, tele-prompters, laptop computers, tablets and video editing software – while learning basic journalism practices and techniques – taking an idea to broadcast!
  • 3-D Sandbox – Understanding topography – displayed natural events like erosion and events like earthquakes that can change the Earth’s surface.
  • MS Surface + APPs – Engaged apps like Kidblog where students posted their writing pieces for peer feedback or used Xtra Math that provided immediate feedback when answering math fact problems.
  • STEM “Maker Lab” Used iPADs + robotics (EV3) + 3D printing (Makerbot) to learn real-life applications for elementary math and science skills. Students were jazzed about working with these technologies – considered them a daily highlight and an exciting part of their world.

If you have any questions, please contact Jane Nishita.

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Math Matters Contest

MathMatters Contest-November 10th, 2018

Welcome to our 12th annual MathMatters Contest. As usual, the contest is for 5th and 6th grade students. MathMatters contest requires students to take a written test of 15 questions within 30 minutes. Students are not allowed to use calculators. Participation is free, and prizes will be given to the top students and their teachers. Student prizes include an IPAD, a LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox and a Sphero Bolt. Teacher/coach prizes include gift certificates in $150, $100 and $50 amounts.

Hurry and register before the spots are filled!

Date/time: Saturday, November 10th, 2018 at 10 a.m.

Location: Beehive Science and Technology Academy, 830 E. 9400 S., Sandy

Please follow the link below for more information and to register.

Please contact for any questions.

FSA Open Enrollment

The open enrollment period for Flexible Spending Accounts for 2019 will be from November 1st, 2018 through November 21st, 2018. This process will need to be completed online through Helpside’s employee portal. If any of you need help with their username or password, please contact via email or 801-444-9378.

As a friendly reminder, FSA elections do not roll over from year to year. Full-time employees are eligible for a FSA.

Attached below is a list of sample expenses. This list is not all inclusive, but is a general guideline on items that are asked about frequently.

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