Niels Bohr

by Siobhan

All about Niels Bohr

Niels Bohr was born on October 1885. He died November 18 1962 when he was only 77. He was married to his wife Margrethe norlund but i have no idea that if they were married why she wouldn't have the last name Bohr.

He won an award for noble prize in physics.

He had 2 books called atomic theory and the description of nature and biology and atomic physics.

Niels Bohr is considered one of the most dominant and influential physicist of the 20th century

What Niels Bohr did for a living

and before he was a famous scientist

Niels Bohr was a famous danish physic that made time to really understand atomic structure and quantum theory doing so he received the noble prize for physics in 1922. Niels Bohr had six sons but one died in an accident on September 8 2009 his name was Aage Bohr. his son's death although it was sad it also carried Niels Bohr's career as a scientist further it did so because when he passed he took more time to study quantum theory and another thing that helped is that Niels Bohr always had an interest about physics and it started from a very young age .

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facts about NIels Bohr

-He was on his collage soccer team

-His father was a professor of physiology at a university

-two of his sons died one from a boating accident and the other from meningitis

- he graduated from the university of Cohen

-Niels bohr went to England and had to help make a nucular bomb because of his work in atomic theory

challenges he faced

-he went to England and had to help build a nucular bomb because of his work in atomic theory

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