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General Information


Atomic Number: 94

Atomic Mass: 244 amu

Melting Point: 639.5 C

Boiling Point: 3235 C

Number of Protons/Electrons: 94

Number of Neutrons: 150

Density: 19.84 g/cm3

Family: Rare Earth Metals/Lanthanide Series

Group: Actinide

Period: 7

Interesting Facts

Very limited amounts of Plutonium can be found in Uranium ore. It's name comes from the PLANET Pluto, along with uranium and neptunium, respectively. It was discovered by Glenn Seaborg and his colleagues in 1941. It was found in a 60 inch cyclotron at the University of California, and is a very silvery, radioactive metal. It's uses include being an ingredient in atomic and nuclear weaponry, and as power sources for many space expeditions.

Physical Properties

Color: Silver

Melting Point: 641 C

Boiling Point: 3232 C

Density: 18 grams/cubic centimeter

Chemical Properties

Ignition: 500 C

Chemical Reactions: Plutonium Dioxide

When Non-Divided: Oxidizes, and is relatively inert.


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