K-C Weekly News

January 8, 2016

What you really need to know

Happy New Year! We are off to a great start in 2016, though there was some confusion among the students whether or not kindergarten was already OVER since it is a brand new year. We cleared up that question right away and got back to work on being in kindergarten.

Please send hats and gloves/mittens to school every day! When snow begins to accumulate on the ground, also send snow pants and boots so your children can play in the snow safely. It is helpful to send these bulky items in a separate bag as they are difficult to cram into a backpack. Now is also a good time to update your child's spare clothes so they won't have to change into a tank top if they spill their juice on their pants :)

Please empty out your RED TAKE HOME FOLDERS and look for:

  1. Your sight word homework assignment for SEE and AND. There are several pages attached for at-home practice. Please have your child practice reading and spelling their words each night and send the completed practice pages back to school by Friday, 1/22.
  2. Scholastic book orders for January. There is a great selection, including a new elephant and Piggie books lots of Star Wars titles for our youngest fans. Online orders are due on Friday, 1/15.
  3. An early release checklist! Wednesday. 1/13 is an early release at 12:15. Please indicate your child's dismissal plans and return the form by Tuesday, 1/12

Happy Birthday to Abbie who turned six this week!

Mark your calendar.

1/13 - Early release day at 12:15

1/15 - January Book Orders Due

1/18 - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day - NO SCHOOL

1/19 - Delayed opening - NO AM KINDERGARTEN, PM KASE in session

2/9 - The 100TH DAY OF SCHOOL (if no snow days)

2/10 - Early Release at 12:15

2/15-19 School closed for February Break.

What we've been up to.

  • We are just about to wrap up Think Math, Chapter 2 which focuses on the study of shapes. Though, we have been working a lot on addition, measurement, and place value, as these topics come up in our daily explorations. We will be measuring the growth of our new mystery plant, and hopefully some snowfall, in the near future.
  • We planted a mysterious, large seed and have developed some hypotheses about what might grow.
  • We mounted a bird feeder on the tree outside our back door and are waiting to see what kinds of birds might visit. We are watching closely to see how much bird seed is missing when we return to school on Monday.
  • Our question of the day this week has focused reading numbers to 20 out of sequence.
  • We read The Snowy Day and wrote our own snowy stories for Writer's Workshop. We have raised the bar and are now using lined paper for all writing assignments.
  • We learned about Chinese Ribbon dancing and got to perform as ribbon dancers ourselves!

Links of the week.

Click and drag shapes to make three in a row and earn points.


Make your own story using lined paper and drawing tools.


Read the thermometer and place the objects in the right environment


Sight word memory game (just click on "play full screen", no download needed):

Click on a card on the bottom row to hear a word spoken, then click on a card in the top row to look for a match.


The things kids say. For real.

We observed a large "mystery seed" (amaryllis bulb) before planting it. We noticed it was large, brown, round, bumpy, had layers of crunchy skin and had spiky things poking out of it.

Mrs. Cohen: What do you think this might grow to be?

Student 1: An onion.

Student 2: An avocado.

Student 3: A pineapple.

All excellent deductions based on prior knowledge. And hats off to you for their apparently excellent exposure to fruits and vegetables.