Texas A&M University

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My Career

I want to study for a Doctrines degree in Forensic Anthropology at Texas A&M University. Forensic Anthropology assists the deceased individuals whose remains are burned, decomposed, mutilated, or otherwise unrecognizable. These scientist use techniques to analyze and recover human remains. They also determine how long, and how that individual has been dead, they also work to assess the age, gender, ancestry, stature, and unique features of a decedent of the skeleton.

  • How Many Years of College: 8 - 10
  • Annual Salary: 76,000
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Tuition & Fees

  • The total average cost of attendance to attend Texas A&M University for one year is approximately $22,470 (in state residents)
  • Acceptance Rate: 69.2%
  • Enrollment: 58,809 (2014)
  • Mascot: Reveille (dog)