Chinese Cinderella

book by: Adeline Yen Mah Project by: laura


Exposition- Adeline Yen Mah and her 3 brothers, sister, dad, step mom, step moms 2 kids. Other characters include her aunt and her grandparents. This story takes place in china in lots of cities.

Rising Action-

1. 0n Chinese New Year her step mother got her step children bad clothes but her children got good clothes

2. Adeline’s duckling PLT died

3. Adeline’s big sister was forced to get married

4. Adeline went to a friend’s birthday party and got in trouble

Climax- When Yen Mah won the free writing contest.

Falling Action-

1. Adeline got a letter from her aunt.


She realized that her aunt loves and misses her.


Chinese Cinderella is about Adeline Yen Mah. Her mother died when giving birth to Adeline. So Adeline blames herself and says that she is bad luck. After this her father got married to her now step mother. Her step mother has her own 2 kinds and loves them and spoiled them. But to her her step kids just have to be there and she is not kind to them at all. Adeline wants to be important and wants people to know that she is there. But mostly she wants her family to respect and love her.