Howard Happenings

February 11, 2019

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Chronic Absence Update-25.7%

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Our goal for the year is 19% chronic absence (37 students) currently we are at 21.0% (51 students).
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Cycle 4-Attendance Next Steps

We have done a great job of reaching out to families and educating them on the importance of attendance.

Going forward we will begin targeted outreach.

Our goal over the next 6 weeks is to move 10 students from moderate to at risk.

The attendance team will be:

  • celebrating students with satisfactory attendance
  • reaching out daily to targeted families
  • scheduling SART (Student Attendance Review Team) Meetings


  • when communicating with families discuss attendance
  • reach out to families when students are absent
  • celebrate great attendance days

Important Information-ALL

All adults should engage in active supervision (scanning, moving around, and anticipating issues) during recess and yard duty. It only takes a second for something to happen.

All personal days must be requested in advance via email.

It is a district requirement that all staff use their OUSD email for communication. Please ensure you check your OUSD email at least once daily. Reach out if you can not access your email account.

Important Information-Teachers

Thank you for all you do.

Yard Duty

Primary Yard- Amanat

Upper Yard-Baker Nash

Monday 2/11

  • Cost Meeting 11 to 12
  • Williams Off Site in PM

Tuesday 2/12

Wednesday 2/13

  • Minimum Day
  • Living Jazz Hoot and Holler 1 to 1:30
  • Howard Professional Development 2 to 3:30
  • Howard Collaboration 3:30 to 4:00

Thursday 2/14

  • Valentines Day

Friday 2/14

Cycle 4-Written Response to Complex Text

Students are engaging daily with complex text and provided the opportunity to engage in text-based writing.

Upcoming February Events

2/18 President's Day-No School

2/25 Faculty Council

2/26 SSC Meeting

2/27 Hootenanny