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The book Milkweed is a wonderful book. The book had a lot of action and we liked that. The main character, a boy named Misha Pilsudski, is a smuggler. When he found a loaf of bread to smuggle, he stole it and someone went after him. This was his life so he was fine with it. The Boy running after him was named Uri. He became his manny. The two loved to smuggle. He was very protective of Misha. But when bombs started to drop on them in Warsaw Poland, everything changed. World War II had started. Misha found a girl named Janina who was a Jew. That was very bad at the time. The Jackboots (Nazis) had invaded Warsaw, Poland. Things kept on getting worse and worse. All the Jews and Gypsies are trapped in the ghetto. They are having a hard time and Janina’s mom died. Do they stay together and survive the ghetto or split up and have to survive on their own?
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Milkweed Book Trailer

Our opinion

In our opinion, it is a mature book. If this book was a movie, it would be rated PG-13 or rated R because of violent scenes. For example the Jackboots raided the stable while shooting the boy smugglers. Another example is when a horse got missing, the first jew they found they hung him and sprayed him in water in 30 degrees weather. There were also some sad moments like when the Jackboots made a guy on the streets rub his beard on the concrete sidewalk to clean it. Jerry spinelli made it funny, like one guy was so confused he said come to the candy mountain because the Jackboots told him the train was going to a happy place, but they lied.

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Our Rating

the book Milkweed was really good. I would recommend it, is hard not to be really sad. Me personally we would rate this book on a scale from 1-10 we would probably rate it 8 or 9 or in stars, 4 and a half. It was really good and you can understand it . It was a pretty good but once again it is a book that can make you cry. I would highly recommend it. This book is recommended book for 5th grade and older because there are some words and the the violence. To us watch this is the best book we have ever read you should read it is great.

This is reviewed by:

Luke Day, Will Campbell and Trenton O'shea