ICP - Energy

Looking at energy usage around your house.

Office hours

Monday : 3 - 5 pm You can email me with any questions.

Tuesday: 4 - 6 pm You can come to help session in my room or email me.

The rest of the week you are welcome to email or text me for help, but your response might not come as quickly.

Time to complete

This lesson should take you around 80 minutes to complete.

Lesson Objectives

Core Standard: Understand the impact of energy production and use on society and the environment

Core Standard: Describe how the movement and transfer of changed particles results in the transfer of electrical energy.

Introduction and Instruction

Watch the video below before starting with your lab. It provides helpful hints and you might need to refer back to it later.


Now work through the lab at Explore Learning to see how much energy is used in different parts of your house. Use the lab handout you were given in class, or you can print out another one here. You can email me if you've forgotten your password.


Once you have finished the lab, be sure to take the quiz at the bottom of the gizmo! You will receive a point for completing it and a bonus point if you answer all of the questions correctly. It should send Mrs. B your score automatically.


You can find out more about calculating home energy usage and costs here. You can watch a Home Energy Audit or find ways to lower your energy costs. There's a lot of talk about the differences in LED, CFL and incandescent light bulbs. Find out more about light bulbs.