Classroom Management Practices

#MichED Chat 9/3/14

Wednesday 8:00 p.m.

This week we will have a conversation on classroom management practices. Moderators Ann Smart (@AnnSmart17) & Tara Maynard (@tmaynard5) will lead a discussion on the best classroom management strategies to start the school year off strong.

Hope to see you there!

#michED chat team for 9/3:

Moderators: Ann Smart & Tara Maynasrd

Greeter: Erin Mastin

New Member Outreach: Rachelle Wyncoop

Archiver: Todd Bloch


Q1:What classroom management mistakes did you make early in your career? How can we support new/all Ts with classroom management?

Q2:What are some proactive classroom management strategies you use to prevent behavior problems?

Q3:How do you establish rules and routines in your classroom? How do you help establish student ownership in the classroom management process?

Q4:What are ways you embed classroom management into your instruction time?

Q5:How do you include parent buy-in in the classroom management process?

Q6:What are the most effective school policies to support classroom management?

Q7:What is the most important thing your building administrator can do to support classroom management?

The #MichED Chat Team