Panthera uncia

A.K.A. Snow Leopard

The Snow Leopards' habitat

The snow leopard lives on cold high mountains which are often located in the alpine region. Even though rarely possible, you can find a snow leopard located in harsh mountainous areas in the Tibetan region of China. Not only do snow leopards live on mountains, for they are found at elevation between 3,000-4,000 meters on steep terrains broken by cliffs, rocky outcrops, etc. Many plants such as grass, cyananthus, flowers, and grass also surrounds these leopards where ever they go. (I couldn't find the average temperature)

Physical Adaptions

The snow leopard developed thick fur so that life in the alpine region isn't as harsh for them. This fur was an unique color that helped them camouflage before attacking their prey. If even have any predators, this thick strong coat/fur could be able to defend a snow leopard's body and block off a random ambush. Not only does leopards have thick fur for camouflage, they have swift legs are great for chasing prey. With this physical adaption, its pelt allow him/her to engage with the landscape and producers around it. Not only do they just catch prey, they are able to use their legs to spring 20 to 50 feet(6 times their own body length). This allow the snow leopards to kill prey 3 times their prey and not die from hunger (after using their swift legs). These structural/physical adaptions sure help snow leopards to strive in surviving.

Behavioral Adaptions (Instinct)

A snow leopard prefers to live on steep cliff areas, rocky outcrops, etc. This instinct allow snow leopards to easily stalk their prey while having amazing camoflage so that the prey wouldn't suspect any ambush or to be ripped to pieces. Once these prey enter the snow leopard's territory, it may not make it out alive. That way, this instinct allows a snow leopard to have a large food supply.
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Endangered Species List

The snow leopard is on the top 12 endangered species list because only about 6,000 of them still survive. Human be one of the snow leopards' only predators. We human want the snow leopard's pelt because it makes not only a good warm fur coat, but also a great camouflage. Even by now, illegal hunters desperately search for any snow leopard to hunt.

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March 9, 2014

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