Stuck In Neutral

Terry Trueman

Story Elements

Stuck in Neutral takes place in Seattle during the present. The main conflict in the story is Shawn is unable to do anything he is stuck in his wheel chair, and cant move a muscle. Also he thinks his dad is going to kill him. The book begins with Shawn talking about himself and where he lives and he starts off with ''My life is one of those good new-bad news''.

Character Analysis

The main character is Shawn Mcdaniel. Three words describing the main character are smart,potential, and intelligent. The character is motivated by speaking with his family, he's really smart he just can't show it. If he wasn't paralyzed than i think he would be one of the smartest people in this world. I like the main character because he is one of the smartest people ever, he just can't show it because he can't move a single muscle in his body. The relationship between Shawn Mcdaniel and Sydney E. Mcdaniel is father and son.


The theme o this novel is always love and care for a person no matter what condition they are in. One example is his older sister Cindy would sometimes take care of him because she loves her younger brother no matter what condition he is in. Another example is his father would love him, but his dad couldn't bare the pain for him. A third example is that his brother Paul would take care of him, he missed hanging out with out with his friends to take care of him. A final example is his Mother helped him the most every night sh would be with him, she would take him to the washroom, she would clean him she did everything for him


I give this book a rating of 5 because i didn't finish the book , but the part i read was good it was interesting. I never lost interest , i just thought that it could of been more action going on there was too much talking


Yes, teens can relate to this book because, the main character Shawn was a teen, and he went trough so much pain, he couldn't speek he couldnt move any part of his body he couldnt do anything. He is like the books title Stuck In Neutral.