The Yangtze Finless Porpoise

An Endangered Species


They are small porpoises that lack a dorsal fin and beak. They are known for the smiles on their faces. They live in the Yangtze River in Asia and there are about 1000 left in the world.

They require a large amount of food. Over fishing has caused a major drop in their food supply.

Rare porpoise in danger of extinction


Drop in food supply is a major cause in species decline. Boat traffic, pollution, traps, and accidental catchings also play a role. Methods of over fishing such as electrofishing are an example of how people accidentally kill them.


A possible solution is called ex-situ. It is when a number of them are kept in isolation on one side of the river and are given extensive protection.

WWF has reconnected over 40 floodplains lakes to restore flow and allow migration. Six protection zones have also been created along the Yangtze River.