CSDR Yearbook Deadline Extended

Get your 2014-2015 CSDR Yearbook until April 30th

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

California School for the Deaf, Riverside and the Tree Ring online publishing company have extended their deadline to purchase the 2014-2015 school yearbook. Get your yearbook today for only $80. All yearbooks include two FREE personalized pages - a fun and creative way to make your yearbook truly your own!


Purchase options...

The fastest, easiest and preferred way to get your yearbook is to register online at www.treering.com/validate you will need to enter the CSDR validation code 1013812733883031. All online payments are made with valid credit cards or checking account information.

All CSDR Yearbook purchases can also be paid by cash, check or money order to CSDR-CAN.

Please be sure to attach the name of your child to your payment.

Don't miss out, get your yearbook today!

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