Franklin K. Lane Campus Library

Newsletter Winter 2014

Opposing Viewpoints in Context: a valuable resource for the argumentative essay

Help your students kick the "wikipedia" habit. This database, part of the GALE collection, helps students research, analyze and organize a broad variety of data for conducting research, preparing for debates, or crafting the argumentative essay. Take some time to explore this helpful resource. The "Opposing Viewpoints" database may be found on the library homepage under the Gale database tab.

Leveled texts: locating resources for differentiation

It is possible to locate resources that offer multiple levels of text complexity within our library collection. For example, the library catalog includes the Lexile reading levels for most books published after 1999. When searching the periodical databases, the advanced search feature allows the user to limit the results to articles within a certain Lexile range. Feel free to contact me for more information or for a tutorial on how to locate leveled texts in your content area.

Campus Book Club: Encourage your students to join!

Encourage your students to join our Campus Book Club, which meets once a month in the library. Our next title is Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher. Please consider giving extra-credit to students who participate.

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