how many people do you live with?

by: Emily Berryhill

dot plot

the dot plot shows the number of the rating of the highest number of the people. Each number of the rating at the bottom has an x on the top. That is how many times the number has been repeated.

If there is no x on the top that means that the number has not been choose or hasn't been a number of people that you live with. Each x represents how many people have 4 or 5 or 8 people in there family.

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histogram graph

This graph shows on the left side of the graph of number of people. On the bottom of the graph has numbers 1 through 10 which is the rating. On the top shows a shading that goes up to a number on the left. The number on the left side is the highest of what the numbers goes to. The ten on the bottom is the highest number of the people in a family and the top is how many times the number is said more than one time.
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