Jim Henson

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All About Jim Henson

Jim Henson was Kermit the frog and Big Bird on Sesame Street. And born on September 24 1936. His kids helped him with the Muppets and he had five kids. Also he got married in his basement of his house and they had no family with them.

Childhood And Teenage Life

When he was a kid, his family liked to call him Jimmy, but his real name was James. And his brother was two years older then him. And when he got older his brother died in a car accident and it made his life much harder.

Interesting things

He made Muppets as an adult and also lived in two houses. He had a office where he made the Muppets. He also traveled a lot for work. He was famous for Kermit and Miss Piggy and the Muppets. In 1981 the Great Muppet Caper came out.

Jim Hensons Kids

Two of his kids graduated and the other three were teenagers and they graduated because they had a good education. They were all smart, deep thinkers, educated, and intelligent.
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