Math Resources


Below are links to some fun math activites to keep those skills strong over the summer!

Keep Math Fun!

These activities are designed to help students strengthen their mathematics skills during the summer months. Each child is encouraged to explore and have fun doing mathematics.


· Sort household objects – laundry, toys, coins.

· Use a bag of Skittles, M&Ms or Reese’s candy and sort by colors. Graph the results of the colors. Which color has the most? The least? Are there any colors that have the same amount?


· Use household objects to create patterns – coins, forks, spoons, rocks, beans, buttons, leaves, sticks, keys, noodles, etc.

· Use Skittles, M&Ms or Reese’s candy to make different patterns.

· Create a pattern and let your child complete the next two or three parts.


· Line up five (up to 10) toys on the floor. Identify first, second, third, fourth, and fifth (up to tenth).

· Use a deck of cards without the face cards and Aces. Draw 5 cards and put in order from least to greatest or greatest to least.

· Help set the table – focus on left, right, middle positions.

· Make a number line from 1 to 20. Have someone pick a number then you tell which number is before it, after it. Repeat. Have someone pick two numbers and you tell which number is between the two numbers.

· Play with a partner. Using only number cards and Aces (use as 1); take turns drawing cards from the deck of playing cards. The first person to have a row of cards Ace (1) to 10 is the winner.

Practice Estimating and Counting

· Count by 5’s and 10’s while skipping, jumping, jumping rope, snapping, etc.

· Count forward to 100 – by ones, fives, tens.

· Count backwards from 20, from 7, from 13, etc.

· Count steps and windows at home and wherever staying on vacations.

· Count cars on highway, etc.

· Estimate and then count the number of spoons in the house.

· Estimate and then count the number of rectangles, circles, squares, etc. in your room.

· Estimate and then count the number of doors (windows) in your house.

· Roll a die and count the number of dots. Count out that many Legos and make a stack. Then the next player goes. Who has the tallest tower?

Addition and Subtraction

· Make your own flash cards to practice adding and subtracting to 10, 12, 15, 18. Draw pictures to model the addition/subtraction fact.

· Using a deck of playing cards, pull two cards at a time and add or subtract them. Let the face cards be 10 and Aces be 1.

· Roll two dice. Use the numbers shown to practice adding and subtracting.