History Behind Candy Canes?

By:Happy Gries

What was the use of candy canes at Christmas?

  • Many people have given religious meaning to the shape and form of the candy cane. It is said that its shape is like the letter “J” in Jesus’ name.

  • Some say the white of the candy cane represents the purity of Jesus.

  • The bold red stripe represents God’s love.

  • The three fine stripes are said by some to represent the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

  • The shape of the shepherds’ crook, symbolic of how Jesus, like the “Good Shepherd” watches over his children like little lambs.

  • They made special decorations for their trees from foods like cookies and sugar-stick candy.

  • The hardness of the candy represented the Church's foundation on solid rock and the peppermint flavor represented the use of hyssop, an herb referred to in the Old Testament.

  • The origin of the candy cane goes back over 350 years, when candy-makers both professional and amateur were making hard sugar sticks. The original candy was straight and completely white in color.

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