Project Mercury

Made by Harris Khan

The beginning of Project Mercury

Project Mercury was when the USA was racing the Soviet Union to space.
It was going on from 1959 to 1963. Project Mercury was the 1st human space flight in the USA.

USA vs Soviet Union events

Alan Shepard was the 1st American in space but the Soviet Union beat them with Yuri Gagarin a month earlier. John Glenn was the 1st American to orbit the Planet but was the 3rd to do it. The USA beat the Soviet Union to the moon with Neil Armstrong.

What they did

They made many unmanned rockets. The 1st rocket to go in space then have a smooth return was named Redstone. Then they tested few of the rockets on animals. They launched about 20 unmanned rockets.

Why it's called Project Mercury

Project Mercury had nothing to do with Mercury. It was called project Mercury because it was the name of the Greek god of speed. Mercury's name was used Because it was a RACE between the USA and the Soviet Union, and a race involves speed.
Mercury spaceflight capsule Friendship 7 aboard aircraft carrier Yorktown
Project Mercury First Flight: "Space Progress" 1960-12-22 Universal Newsreel Mercury-Redstone 1A