Magnetism and Electromagnetism

Electromagnetic Induction: How does it work?

Motors and Generators: All electromagnetic energy is created from induction coupling from both a primary and secondary winding by an air gap through producing electricty/ energy and storing it. Both of these are usually self-starting and transfer energy usually from a sator to a wound rotor or a short-circuited squirrel cage rotor. Usually these motors and/or rotors are used by industrial drivers because they are rugged, durable and reliable.

Joseph Henry

Joseph Henry’s area of research was terrestrial magnetism, science, mathematics, natural philosophy, and electromagnetism. He discovered the phenomenon of self-inductance by observing a large spark that occurred when the circuit was broken, resulting in what it is known as self-inductance which is the initial characteristic of an electric circuit. He made the unit for self-inductance the “Henry.” Joseph Henry was the first man to wind insulated wires around an iron core to obtain powerful electromagnets. One modern day outcome resulting from his profound research is the induction flashlight. The induction flashlight is a flashlight you either can wind up for power, shake it or squeeze it. Beats buying batteries or charges all the time and you don't need to worry with bringing that bulky stuff a long with you.


Electromagnetic Remote Control

Electromagnetic physicist Al Caholic invented and founded the Electromagnetic Remote Control in 2008. It works by using a very thin copper wire in the base of the remote that produces energy when shaken then transfers the energy to a storing base or "container" that it then acts like a battery. This "container" can be recharged or "refilled" over and over just by shaking the remote control. This is good when you run out of batteries. Even the duracell bunny runs out of power.  

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

An MRI is used solely in the medical field to scan the body tissue by using electro magnets thus the name Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Hydrogen protons in your body align uniformly when the body is placed in a strong magnetic field. Radio wave frequencies depend on the strength of the field and the element sought. Scanners are able to cancel out different signals and remove unwanted details from images. This creates the magnetic force that is needed for scanning the human body. Raymon Vahan Damadian invented the MRI.


Speakers use a wire wrapped around iron that shock waves are sent through to produce sound from the sub woofer This electric current creates an electric field that then creates the beat and noise that's sent to the sub woofer They help people hear their TV music and other things better. Alexander Grand Bell patented the first loudspeaker to use in his telephone in 1876.


Older TVs require a cathode ray tube to produce images and have to be operated with an analog signal. It then changed from analog to plasma. TVs entertain people with their amazing moving pictures and pretty soon there will be holographic TVs. The two inventors of the TV were Philo Farnsworth and Charles Francis Jenkins.

Scrap Metal Crane

Uses extremely powerful electricity to pick up metal objects that bind with the electricity that cause the crane to "pick it up" that gives it the magnetic quality. This is usually used in scrap metal yards or dumps the contain metal. It was also used as a magnetic bed in the movie Arthur staring Russell Brand to hold up that one lady who had too many metal objects on her person. The first invention of the crane was founded in Ancient Greek.

Security Devices at department stores

Most magnetic strip-detecting security devices use magnetic or acousto magnetic. Magnetic uses a small strip that can be activated by demagnetization and deactivated by magnetization. acousto magnetic strips are larger, and oscillate from the detector's tonal bursts. The vibration induces a AC voltage in the receiver antenna because of the change in the magnetic field, which triggers the alarm when the signal meets detector parameters. This keeps people from robbing the store blind. The NRMA pretty much invented the security device used at department stores.


A pivoting needle moves to it’s preferred alignment in accordance to Earth’s magnetic field with a north end of the needle and a south end, and can be affected by outside magnetic forces. The compass enables the person/user to find their bearings(technically) and figure which direction is North. A lot of survival experts like to use this method as their form of direction when needed. The compass was first invented in Ancient China.