Beluga Whale

Devin Jaltuch Period 9 5/16/16

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Beluga Whales live in the ocean. Their environment is mostly cold arctic waters. Summer is spent in shallow bays and estuaries (Beluga Whale Habitat). Mostly you will see Beluga Whales in groups from 3 to 15. You rarely see one alone (Beluga, 80). You can see one or a group of them in either North America, northern Russia, or Greenland (Beluga Whale Habitat).


A Beluga whale moves by using its Flukes and rounded flippers. Beluga Whales do not have legs. When they move, they move by swimming. They move at a pretty fast speed. Belugas vertebrate is not fused allowing its head to move around in all directions. This movement is called "spyhopping".
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Body Covering

Beluga whale has a giant melon. The head is very large and oil-filled forehead. Beluga Whales molt every summer (shed), their skin turns yellow, and to lose that old, yellow skin, they rub themselves on rocks or sand to get it off. Its a vertebrate, which means it has a backbone. Beluga vertebrae is not fused which means it can move it's head in all directions. Belugas side fins are smaller and have a different shape than other whales. The fins shape like a "J" as the whale gets older.

When Beluga Whales are little they have this blue to brownish-red skin when young (Beluga). A Beluga Whale has white skin with tiny eyes and rounded flippers. Their jaw has 34 pointed teeth. It has one single blowhole (Beluga).

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A Beluga Whales regular diet consist of: fish, worms, mollusks, or bottom feeders. Beluga Whales are carnivores (Beluga Whale).They are larger animals but metabolism is slower. Most of their food is turned into fatty blubber. And the blubber is insulation for them , or it keeps the animal warm (Beluga Whale).
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Beluga Whales have at least one calf born every three years after fourteen to fourteen in a half months in moms belly. Beluga Whales are sexual (Beluga,80). When a calf is born, it has come out of their moms belly. And last but not least, Beluga Whale females do internal fertilization (Beluga, 80).
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Beluga has the unique ability called Echolocation. Echolocation is when the whale can send out signals such as clicks and sounds from the area around his blowhole. Belugas are extremely vocal whales. Belugas vertebrate is not fused allowing its head to move around in all directions.

Other Info

  • The lump on their fore head is called a melon
  • population = 100,000
  • Live for at least 30 to 40 years old (Beluga, 80)
  • Their average size is 10 to 16 feet
  • Weight average is about 1,100 to 3,300 pounds
  • Scientific name is Delphinapterus leucas (Beluga, 80)
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