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Mocking Jay By. Suzanne Collins


Peeta Mellark was in some type of mind control manipulation the doctors of district 13 fixed the problem when Katniss Everdeen came in the room Peeta tried to attack her because he lost all his memories he didn't have no clue who she was. What Katniss should of done was wait awhile to talk to him instead of just rushing things then she should of stayed away till he gains back some memory.

Down In The Dumps

I would remove Jackson from the story because he is the soldier from District 13 his only role was to guard Peeta while he was going crazy trying to retain his memories during half the book. He ends up getting killed anyways by mutts while leading Katniss threw the capital, to me Jackson was pointless to be in the story.


1. "It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it dose to fall apart"

(talking to Katniss about building district 13 as a hole getting everyone to work together and how people are dying in the war)

- Finnack Odair

2. All those months of taking it for granted that Peeta thought I was wonderful are over". Finally he can see me for who I really am. Violent. Distrustful. Manipulative. Deadly. And I hate him for it! (Katniss is raging in the fact that Peeta is brainwashed by the capital by a tracker jacker which controls his thoughts, he ended up attacking her but people pulled him off this was her response after)

- Katniss

3. It was my arrow, aimed at the chink in the force field surrounding the arena, that brought on this firestorm of retribution. That sent the hole country of Panem into (At the beginning of Mockingjay, Katniss wanders around the ruins of her past, trying to put together the pieces and understand her place in this new, dark, time. She has survivor's guilt, wondering why she is still alive when so many have lost their lives. However, over the course of the novel, Katniss grows from simply a survivor to a real leader and hero. Instead of resenting her power, she is able to embrace it and truly do what is best for the citizens of Panem. She can never forget the past, of course, but she chooses to start acting to benefit the future.) - Katniss

4. "Katniss, I know this whole thing with Peeta is terrible for you. But remember, Snow worked on him for weeks, and we've only had him for a few days. There's a chance that the old Peeta, the one who loves you, is still inside. Trying to get back to you. Don't give up on him." (Katniss has the tendency to see everything as hopeless - possibly because she has witnessed so much pain in her life. Prim and Peeta are both characters who purvey hope - one of the main themes of Mockingjay. Hope is what keeps the rebels moving forward when it seems like all is lost. Katniss only realizes this when she visits the hospital in District 8 and the patients collect around her - the Mockingjay is the embodiment of hope for all these suffering people in Panem. But even the Mockingjay needs support when the times are tough, and thankfully she has people like Prim to remind her to keep her faith.) -Primrose Everdeen

5. "My failure," says Snow, "was being so slow to grasp Coin's plan. To let the Capitol and districts destroy one another, and then step in to take power with Thirteen barely scratched. Make no mistake, she was intending to take my place right from the beginning. I shouldn't be surprised. After all, it was Thirteen that started the rebellion that led to the Dark Days, and then abandoned the rest of the districts when the tide turned against it. But I wasn't watching Coin. I was watching you, Mockingjay. And you were watching me. I'm afraid we have both been played for fools." (His conversation embodies the most unexpected plot twist in Mockingjay. Katniss has spent the previous two novels with a goal to decimate President Snow. She has the opportunity to do exactly that and reconsiders. She realizes that without his power, Snow is no longer a threat to her. For the first time, she can look beyond the immediate safety of herself and her loved ones and think about the future. Stepping back, Katniss is able to see that Coin's style of governance is not too far from Snow's. Coin's main priority is ascending to power with minimal destruction to her support system and staying there by any means necessary, even those decried by the resistance. By suggesting resurrecting the Hunger Games, Coin shows her intention to maintain her power by using fear and oppression against her enemies just like Snow did.) - President Snow

Face To Face

- Katniss whats the relationship like now between you and Peeta now that he has his memories back? (Everything looks to be going good now that The Capital is not in power and everyone is just free to live there life, Me and Peeta has been growing since he got his memories back)

- How hard was it for you Peeta to regain your memories of everything after the capital hijacked you with a trackerjacker? (It took a lot of time and mental training to regain my train of thought. The doctors used reverse hijacking which made my memories go back to normal but every now and I have flash backs which make me go crazy I had to hold on to something to stay clam if I don't I will go crazy)

- Gale how hard was you to see Katniss with Peeta also how big of a part did you have in making weapons for the rebels in district 13? (During the time I was in district 13 I made all new weapons for the rebels to use for the war and it was hard for me to see her with Peeta but I told her its either me or him follow your hart and she did so with him to this day me and Katniss are still friends we go hunting together and talk often)

- Heymitch explain the process of what you told Katniss to do to send a message to the capital? ( I wanted her to send a message of that I will not back down you can trow what ever you want at me and I will survive, even when we filmed Katniss walking threw her hometown district 13 after the capital bombed it trying to send a message to her but by her walking threw it and helping people made her look strong to get districts to rebel against the capital and it worked)

- Effie explain your taste in fashion and life in the capital? (Well my fashion varies on whats going on. I always have makeup, dresses, and wigs ready to go on the occasion of whats happening. Life in the capital is tremendous golden door knobs to all the best foods, pent houses everything you could possibly want the capital is where its all at.)

- Mrs. Everdeen what was it like to be the mother of Katniss and sticking by her side the hole time also tell me about what you do in district 12 and the death of your youngest daughter Prim? (My dear Katniss i'm thankful for her and that she made it out of two hunger games alive, she will always be in my hart even tho shes doing other stuff in district 13 and 12 shes still my daughter and I love her. In District 12 I work as an expert healer I help all the sick people and wounded in the districts get better and heal faster now I work in district 4 in a new hospital as a healer helping everyone who needs my help . The death of my daughter Prim happen when she didn't get out Snows mansion fast enough when it was being bombed sop she ended up dying but shes in a way better place now even tho shes not with me she will be missed deeply in my hart.)

- Caesar Flickerman how is it hosting the hunger games, how many have you done also what is it like knowing that you could be interviewing that person and days later they could be dead? (I love interviewing the tributes for the hunger games good conversations with them, I have been interviewing for 35 years now, its sad because it might be the last time you see them.)

- Johanna Mason explain what the capital did to you. (held captive and tortured by the Capitol, I was soaked in water and then tortured with electroshocks while imprisoned. Eventually, along with Annie Cresta and Peeta Mellark, I was saved on a rescue mission to the Capitol led by the rebels, and is taken back to District 13.

- Flavius what was it like to get Katniss all prepped up for after her second hunger games also what did the capital do to you? ( along with the other members of the prep team, we were taken hostage by District 13. President Coin thought she would be doing Katniss a favor if she captured and tortured us for her. We were fed, but were not used to eating less food than we had been accustomed to, so we stole bread and were caught. The hole prep team and me was taken to Compartment 3908 where we were kept in chains and beaten as punishment. Finally we were discovered when Plutarch Heavensbee led Katniss and Gale Hawthorne there as a surprise, having no idea that they were being punished. Initially the group was told by a guard that it was the wrong floor, but Katniss was able to open the door after the guard was distracted and discovered us all then she took me to her mother to get heeled.

- Snow tell me all the evil things you did to people after the districts started to rebel? ( I held Peeta, Annie, Johanna and Enobaria captive and torture them for information about the rebellion. I let Enobaria off easy since she is from the most loyal district and I can fully trust her. During the interrogation, I had two avoxes, Lavinia and Darius electrocuted to death and executes Portia and the other stylists and prep teams. Why I did this? not for answers but for Peeta to see. I also at some point ordered Johanna's head shorn. Yea I keep Peeta healthy so I can use him to break Katniss. At some point I went to District 12 and left a white rose in Katniss' room to give her a message only she would know: "I can find you. I can reach you. Perhaps I am watching you now. He makes Peeta do an interview with Caesar Flickerman so he can manipulate and break Katniss. President Snow appears on screen during Peeta's third interview and introduces him and Caesar. After Peeta implies there will be an attack from the Capitol on District 13, President Snow orders the interview stopped and for him to be taken away. After Peeta is taken away, President Snow orders for him to be hijacked in order to use him against Katniss. During an interview Katniss and Finnick shot to distract the Capitol from the rescue team, Finnick reveals President Snow kills his enemies and allies who can become threats to him. He also reveals that Snow forced Finnick into prostitution, selling his body to wealthy Capitol women for high prices. President Snow is enraged by this and becomes angry at them, but plans to kill Katniss by using the brainwashed Peeta. Boggs reveals that retrieving Peeta was far too easy and suspects that President Snow let them take Peeta so he could kill Katniss.I went on television to discuss the death of Squad 451. My broadcast is cut short after Beetee hacks into the system and airs a propo. My forces discovers the remains of Boggs in an apartment of a Capitol citizen and realizes I have been fooled. I figured out Katniss is still alive and I sent a pod of lizard-human mutts to hunt her down and kill her and her squad.During the final battle of the war, I was in my mansion and was taking in Capitol children whom he I planning on using as human shields. Later on, I was going to call an official surrender but before I could there was an explosion outside my mansion that killed the Capitol children and rebel Casualty Aides, including Prim. Forcefully I was arrested and found guilty. Katniss finds me in my rose garden and I tells her the bomb that killed Prim and the others was not from me but from President Coin. Katniss refuses to believe him but I remind her of the promise they made not to lie to each other. Katniss ends up believing me and ultimately kills Coin.

If we burn then you burn with us! (Book Review)

Katniss Everdeen can stand tall. She's won two hunger games and, in the second, the cards were stacked against her. Katness Everdeen, the girl on fire (a reference to her costume in the second games), finds herself as the Mockingjay. The Mockingjay is a small little bird that has many qualities but perhaps the most important for now is that it draws others to itself through its song. Those in power who would fight the oppressive government of the Capitol and President Snow (father of the games) rally to the standard of the Mockingjay which Katniss has come to represent. Perhaps it would be fair to say that Katniss has been manipulated to represent since she is pressured into the role in the second book,Catching Fire.

I hate to start a review out on a negative note but I was greatly disappointed by the conclusion of The Hunger Games trilogy especially when I have been anticipating its forthcoming for nearly a year. I remember when I finished Catching Fire that I thought the release date would never arrive. Not unlike a five-year-old waiting for Christmas, I greatly looked forward to the final installment of The Hunger Games. I don't think I'd read very far before my disappointment became known to me. Below are some reasons why I think this novel is weak.

First, I think Suzanne Collins bit off more than she could chew. Two novels about the Hunger Games and now she's faced with a major war to write about. Such an undertaking usually requires years of study. Or perhaps my expectations are unrealistic considering all of the military history I have read. Mostly, she tackles small skirmishes but she does some creative work on how the Capitol city is mined (called Pods). No two Pods are the same and to say they are lethal is an understatement. Actually, these Pods may be the most creative invention in the book. Anyway, there never seem to be enough solders on either side to move this war forward. Nevertheless, the rebels seem to push their way towards the capital.

Second, I have to ask the question where is Katniss Everdeen? Where is the Mockingjay? She does make a couple of televised promocials designed to urge the rebel troops forward. In one case, dressed in her black MockingJay outfit, she seems to forget herself and rises above the artificial shooting situation and give a genuine performance. In each of the previous installments, Katniss rises above herself to become the beacon of hope the people need so badly. One can only imagine what it must be like to live under the oppression of the Capitol and President Snow. It's so bad that even her opponents in the ring (during the Hunger Games) often preserve her life. Of course Peeta and Gale are chief among them. As mentioned above, only once in Mockingjay does Katniss rise to a portion of her former stature.

Most of the time she's hiding in closets or thoughtlessly following orders. Hiding in closets is not the Katniss Everdeen we grew to know and love in the first two books. That was a young woman with terrible resolve and incredible motivation. One who could face entering the games and knowing she'd have to kill others to survive. She didn't know how she would do this but she knew she could. The Katniss Everdeen in Mockingjay is full of self-doubt and loathing. Perhaps she blames herself for what happened to Peeta when he was tortured in the Capitol but it's never really clear. She simply appears as a lost soul for most of the book. In addition, there's never enough sheer terror. The Pods are truly deadly in the cruelest of ways. We're talking decapitation, gutting, loss of limbs, melting, burning, acid baths, etc. These clever ideas for inflicting death are never quite appreciated. Only one memorable character loses his life. The rest are card-board stand ups.

Third, other characters in the book are much stronger that Katniss and overshadow her much of the time. Some of her old friends like Finnick, Gale, and Haymitch. Peeta, who was left behind after the games in the second book so that Katniss could be rescued, was captured and tortured by President Snow. Peeta steals every scene he's in. Knowing how much he loves Katniss from book two, one does not know what to expect from him at any time. Was he sent back to kill her? The question looms large on the horizon. Perhaps the most colorful character in the book is Tigris. She has a short spot near the end and provides a safe haven for our heros for a time. Tigris, having been a survivor of the hunger games, has instant sympathy for Katness and what's left of her patrol.

From the very beginning of the book, Katniss' plan has been to kill President Snow herself. When she has that opportunity at the end of the book (spoiler), she whips around and kills President Coin from district 13 instead. The reasoning behind this move is completely lost on me. Why would she change her mind at the last minute? Coin is no saint to be certain but she's committed no atrocities either unless Katniss blames her for the exploding parachutes that kill her sister Prim. It is so out of character for Katniss to change her mind like this that I wondered if I was reading about the right person. President Snow deserved that arrow. He had earned it. All of the horrors (Pods), not to mention the hunger games, came from his head. I may know why she killed Coin instead but it was personal, something no Mocking jay can afford to be and something she'd been able to overcome in the past.

All in all, I don't feel like reading Mocking jay was a waste of reading time. There are number of nerve racking parts and the plot is not spelled out for you. There was certainly enough suspense and tension to keep me reading. I guess I was expecting Katniss to become Rambo. She's certainly cut out for such a role as that is how the hunger games are played. I would have liked to see Katniss infiltrate the enemy, get into Snow's office, and put an arrow through his heart. I did not expect her to survive such a mission. Perhaps that's what everyone expected and Suzanne Collins wanted to give us something else.

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