Our Social Contract

All you need to know

What is a Social Contract?

A social contract is an agreement between members of a community that give up certain rights for social benefits, such as government protection.

Where in the World do we see it Today?

Social contracts have always been an important part of civilization. There have been many different social contracts, an example of one would be if you make a mess at lunch you have a sort of silent agreement that you would clean it up instead of leaving it for the next person. A social contract is sort of like common sense.

Who was responsible for each task?

Everyone is doing their part in the project to get everything done. Carol and Olivia collected donations through our parents work offices, while Kaitlin and Kaely reached out to the community for donations. Carol and Olivia also created and typed up the smore, Caitlynn typed up the social contract that we used, and Kaely researched and typed out the history of the social contract.