By Kevin

Definition and pictures for vocabulary

  • Current is a flow of electrical charges that are electrons
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  • An electromotive force or expressed in volts
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  • Resistance is a difficulty by power from the electricity going through thus slowly the speed of the current.
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  • Power is how quickly work is done

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Examples for real life word

Current- I made a current with copper and mad a light bulb turn on

Resistance - I put more resistance because if i didn't put resistance it would have blown up.

Voltage- The security guard told to not touch the voltage and he got shocked since of electrons entering him thus shocking him.

Power- NASA needed enough power to get out of earths atmosphere to get to space.

The comparison in between all Current

Current is affected by resistance by it providing the exact power to go through so for example they use resistance on a light but if they didn't have any resistance it would explode .

Voltage is affected by power by telephone poles by it making it pass power quickly so we get provided with electricity.