News from Room 3

OCTOBER 14, 2016


*Language Arts Unit 2 Week 1: Our Families, Our Neighbors

-Vocabulary: guide, separate, protect, wild, provide

- Grammar/Conventions: Nouns

-Spelling Words: hop, top, log, hog, hot, lot, stop, frog, fast, sing, our, they

-Words to know: two, they, her, and our

- Skill: sequencing: Main Idea and Details



Please, Please, Please join the PTO. We only have a little more than half of Room 3 SSF families who have joined. If you have any questions about the many ways PTO supports your kids on a daily basis, just ask your kids what they love most about school: iPads, Computer lab, STREAM lab, Art lab, Guidance lessons..... It's these support teachers, classes and technology that make our kids so happy to be here at SSF! Thank you for joining our PTO!

Halloween Party

Room 3's Halloween Party is on Monday, October 31st

Your child can wear Halloween themed clothes like black and orange. No costumes please. Our room moms have planned a fun day for the kids!

Bring in a pumpkin

Please send in a medium pumpkin by October 27th. We will measure, weigh, and count the seeds with the help of our big buddies. The pumpkin will be returned on that day hollowed and ready for you to carve! I need one or two volunteers to carve the top of each pumpkin the morning of the 27th. If this sounds like something you would like to do, please let me know!


My number one goal is for students to enjoy reading and become fluent readers. I will send a few different assignments home like the counting sheets or the optional pumpkin characters however, having your child read to you for 10 minutes and you read to them every night is essential. I have had a few questions from parents about extra homework. If you are looking for more, Dreambox, Raz-Kids, and family game nights are all great options. You can find the link to Dreambox HERE , or on the SSF website and Raz-Kids, now called KidsA-Z Click HERE . If you get the APP our class code is: nmcpheters1 . All passwords are your child's full name and their 4 digit passcode.

Mrs. Gauthier's Birthday

In case you don't know 10/18, is Mrs. Gauthier's birthday. We thought it would be sweet if we made her a class bouquet of flowers and sang her happy birthday. We would also like to present her with special notes or pictures. If your child would like to, please have them work on a card/picture and bring the cards and flowers in by 10/18.

Writers Workshop

All the teachers at SSF are being trained in Lucy Caulkins' Writers' Workshop. I am in year 2 of the training. I'm so excited that as a class we started writers workshop. Thanks to everyone for purchasing the amazing gel colored pens. The students LOVE using them for writers workshop. Research has shown that kids do better at writing when using pens, however, they are very expensive. I bought a few and Mr. Chuck has provided a few boxes. If you are at Staples or Target would you please pick up some more throughout the year? Thanks! We love using "Paper Mate Flair" and would love a variety of colors. See picture below. We will be focusing on small moments, one part of a trip like the airplane ride rather then then entire trip. Talk to your child about all the things you do in a weekend they could write about. (Soccer game, trip to the store, making cupcakes, etc....) Thanks and I can't wait to create wonderful writers this year!

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