3H Class Newsletter

April 2014

Expo Night and 3H Class Bake Sale!

Hello 3-H Families,

We've had some important and exciting business this month. Thank you to all of the families who came out to admire all of their children's hard work during Expo. As you could see, we've been very busy in the classroom, and the students couldn't wait to share all that they had learned (which was very evident by our lengthy checklist!).

The day after Expo, we had a class bake sale to support Katie VanArnam. We were able to raise nearly $200 for Katie and her family! The children were excited and proud to feel like they were making a difference in some way. An added bonus was the amount of money they had to count to collect money and make change! I think the pictures from the bake sale are particularly wonderful. Please enjoy!

Check out what we've been learning!

Writing: We completed our informational texts and have moved on to persuasive writing. The children are learning about the importance of writing with an audience in mind and finding an argument that will be persuasive to their intended audience. Soon, children will pick one persuasive writing topic to focus on and spend time drafting a speech on that topic. Of course, we are always working on writing in complete sentences with proper capitalization and punctuation!

Reading: The children learned all about the biography genre while reading and drafting their own biography stories. Children also worked on the difficult skill of identifying main idea and details. After reading Life on the Ice, children were asked to identify the main idea of specific paragraphs and the details that supported that main idea. A mental image we used to help us remember main idea and detail was to think of the main idea as the table top and the details as the supporting legs.

Math: Children finished up Unit 9 and we've started to work on Unit 8 where we're learning about fractions. Unit 9, which focused on more difficult application of multiplication and division, proved to be challenging at times. We learned that looking for key words in a word problem is one way that we can be sure of what operation to do when solving a problem. In Unit 8 we're focusing on thinking of fractions as part of a whole, just like decimals.

Social Studies: We had an awesome assembly on Native Americans where we had the chance to see and touch read Native American artifacts! We have continued our study of Native Americans in class. First we learned about the Iroquois, and recently, we learned about the Hopi tribe. Children were fascinated by the way the Hopi lived and were particularly impressed with pictures of Mesa Verde. Don't be surprised if you have special requests for a family vacation there! Children also started a research project on an assigned Native American tribe.

Important Reminders and Updates

  • It is important that all third graders leave third grade having mastered their multiplication and division facts. The children should be able to answer 100 multiplication and/or division facts in 5 minutes and, most importantly, apply that fact knowledge to word problems. Please back sure your child studies each evening.
  • · Please make sure your child is reading each night! Please see the link on this page or go to this website http://epe.leeschools.net/PDF/KRdgCompQs.pdf for questions you can ask to help bolster your child's comprehension skills.
  • Artistrator E.B. Lewis will be visiting our school this Wednesday, April 23! Go to his website to learn more about him: http://eblewis.com/
  • Thursday, April 24 - Take Your Child to Work Day
  • Friday, April 25 - Community Meeting, Jump Rope For Heart
  • Friday, May 2 - Half day for students/Spirit Day
  • Thursday, May 8 - Planetarium Field Trip
  • Monday, May 12 - Thursday, May 15 - NJASK Testing

Specials For the Week of 4/21

Monday - Day 5 (Make Up Day)

Study Island & Phys. Ed

Tuesday - Day 1

Spanish & Phys. Ed

Wednesday - Day 2

Author Visit & Music

Thursday - Day 3

Health & Computers

Friday - Day 4

Spanish, Jump Rope for Heart, Community Meeting