Should you live next to a volcano?

Yes! Here's why....

Information about the volcano

Popocatepetl volcano is located 60km southeast of Mexico City. The name 'popocatepetl' means 'smoking mountain', this could be because it is still an active volcano. Although it has had a few eruptions in the past years, we have made a very efficient evacuation plan than will be given to you on your arrival. Popocatepetl is a composite with very rich fertile soil around it and has a diameter of 400m x 600m.

The benefits of living next to a volcano

Many of the benefits are surprisingly due to the location,

  • The rich fertile soil is good for farmers and wildlife photographers,
  • The tourism makes money,
  • Beautiful landscape,
  • The houses are cheap because of the location,
  • Very hot weather,
  • Lots of natural minerals.