Kinder Corner

Week 18

Mid-Year Assessments

We have begun one-on-one mid-year assessments of each student. We will be sending home report cards on February 18th. Since we will be engaged individually with each child, we will not have reading groups, so no readers will be sent home for the next few weeks.

Second Semester Changes/Expectations

You have probably noticed some changes since we've been back from Winter Break. In order to get your child prepared for first grade, we have increased our expectations for both behavior and academics. We have spoken with all of the classes about how mature they have become and the knowledge they have gained since the beginning of school. We also shared that we expect them to be able to listen to and follow directions, exhibit self-control, and complete work during the allotted time. We take great care to plan our activities and schedule to ensure that the amount of time given to complete tasks is developmentally appropriate. Since First Grade does not have Center TIme at all and no extra time built in to finish station work, we are not offering this extra time any longer. Incomplete work will now be sent home to finish and return the next day. Since we are partners in your child's education, we want you to be aware of your child's work habits on a regular basis.

In addition, all students need to be afforded the opportunity to learn with minimal disruptions. With large classes, it is crucial that each student is doing his/her part to allow learning to take place for everyone. By the end of this school year, state standards mandate that each child should be able to:

-identify each letter and its sound (including short and long vowel sounds)

-count from 1-100

-count backwards from 30

-add sums to 20

Curriculum Corner - Coming Up Next Week

Language Arts/Social Studies:

Unit: Animals

Letter: Review Oo and Ff

HFW: Review is and play

Word Family: __and



-Counting by 10's

-Problem Solving


-Healthy Choices

-Our Wonderful Earth