Juvenile Delinquents Turn Heroes


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Here is the Curtis brothers Darry (center) PonyBoy (right) SodaPop (left)


The Fire

Not to long ago,an old abandoned church started to burn down while a grade school class was up there on a nice picnic. Five kids were missing and suspected to be inside the church. Two young strangers jumped to the rescue and ran into the burning building. The two young stranger's names were Johnny Cade and Ponyboy Curtis. Working together, Johnny and Ponyboy were able to get all the kids out of the church. Ponyboy was the first to leave the church, his back blazed with flames. Their close friend Dallas Winston, swatted at Ponyboy's back but from Ponyboy inhaling too much smoke, he blacked out. Back in the church, Johnny still hadn't come out, so Dallas charged into the church and later emerged with Johnny draped over his shoulder. from what we were told, Johnny got trapped under a collapsed beam and couldn't move.


"They all would have burned to death if it wasn't for Johnny and Ponyboy," one of the parents up at Jay mountain said when we interviewed them. When Dallas and Johnny emerged from the church, ambulances were here to take them to their hometown hospital. All three boys are heroes to the town folk of Windrixville. But what were three Tulsa boys doing down in Windrixville? That's when we learned the story of the fight that went to far. Up in a park on the East side of town, the two boys, Johnny and Ponyboy were clearing their heads, when a group of five West side boys drove in. These West side boys were drunk and looking for a fight.

Events Leading Up To The Fight

"yes it was our fault; we were drunk and looking for a fight. Those two boys only fought back in self-defense," quoted Randy Anderson, one of the West side boys involved in the fight at the fountain. Earlier that same night, a nice young lady named Sherri (Cherry) Valance had hung out with Ponyboy and Johnny at the Drive-In. Cherry was also Bob's girlfriend.

The Fight

"Insults were thrown and the next thing I knew, I was face first in the fountain struggling for air," Ponyboy told us. Ponyboy also said that he didn't know what the other boys were doing to Johnny, but in the time he had blacked out to the time he woke up, Johnny had stabbed Bob, one of the West side boys, and the rest of the boys decided to run.

After The Fight

"Bob was drunk and the West side boys were looking for a fight when they took me home. He told me, that he'd fix Johnny and Ponyboy for picking up his girl," Cherry said to us. When Ponyboy woke up from also being drowned, he and Johnny decided to run away. However the authority's are charging Johnny Cade with manslaughter and both Johnny and Ponyboy were to appear in Juvenile court for running away from their crime.

At The Hos[ital

We don't know much about Johnny and his family, but when we arrived at the hospital, we saw Ponyboy sitting with to older boys we later found out were his brothers. These boys have been through so much. Both of their parents died and these boys have been living together since then. Darry Curtis, the oldest of the Curtis brothers works two jobs and does them great. He also has an amazing school record, he got a scholarship for football but due to his parents passing he couldn't take the offer. Sodapop, the second oldest brother is a high school drop-out and works at the DX station so that the three brothers can stay together. Last but not least, Ponyboy Curtis, the youngest of the Curtis brothers. He is an outstanding honor roll student and might be a future track star. In our minds, these boys shouldn't be separated after they all worked so hard to stay together.

-Brady Clegg Current Events Reporter, Windrixville