Pride and Prejudice

By : RaShawn

It's a good novel. This is a strong and powerful story. Almost every Gil loves reading a book about a man who is in love and want to "put a ring on it". To the Bennet's family, marriage is important. To their family, marriage determines your social standing, and financial status. Opposites attract. Mr Darcy and Elizabeth are opposite of each other. Darcy is wealthy and the Bennet's family is poor. If you prefer reading a romantic book, then Pride and Prejudice is a book you should read. I view Mr. Darcy as a very proud man and i think that he is trying to be the best person he can be. I think that he thinks he has to be arrogant and only associate with the richest and highest classes because he thinks that makes him some kind of big person. I think part of the reason he was so bad tempered to Elizabeth when he first met her was because he was annoyed at having to go to a ball that all classes could "mingle". He definitely sees his wealth and status as something of great importance. But he also has a soft side, as we see in his companionship with Bingley and his loving relationship with his sister. He views himself as one of the best around but deep down onside I think that he is a little lonely. Elizabeth who knocks him into shape and shows him how foolish he is being and I think he loves her for that.

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