Loyalty: Beowulf & Canterbury Tales

By Maggie Resor

Dear Reader Letter

Dear Reader,

I chose to do my project over loyalty because As I was reading Beowulf I could see different examples of loyalty. I chose to write a diary entry and a newspaper article because I thought that I could best explain loyalty in Beowulf and Canterbury Tales. One thing that I learned during this project was how to write a ballad. I have never had write one before. I also thought the ballad was the most challenging thing because it was hard to make the lines equal syllables and to rhyme. I think that my newspaper article was one thing I did well because I told the story from a bit of a different perspective. One thing I need to do in the future is work on improving my ballads to have a better rhyming pattern and meter.



Multigenere Piece #1

My topic is loyalty and my theme is that it is important to be loyal to one’s friends till the end. This is shown in the ballad by Wiglaf showing loyalty to Beowulf even when everyone else abandons Beowulf. Wiglaf helps Beowulf fight the dragon, and Wiglaf performs a funeral ceremony for Beowulf.


Multigenre Piece #2

My topic is loyalty and my theme is how loyalty is important in a battle. It is important to be loyal in battle so that you will win. If you are not loyal than your army will not work together to fight the enemy. Instead everyone will run away and you will not win the battle.


Multigenre Piece #3

My theme is that you need to be loyal to you family or friends because you will be in trouble if you do not. In the Pardoner's Tale the brothers were not loyal to each other. They were only concerned with keeping the treasure and were willing to kill each other for it. This greed caused the brothers to be not loyal to each other and it ended in death for two of them.