Twelve by Nick McDonell

A novel about the effects of drug and alcohol abuse


As we are introduced to many characters who reside on the Upper East side of Manhattan, we learn about each of their individual struggle with drugs and alcohol. As many smaller conflicts make up the first portion of the novel, the major conflict, which is the debate over the party Chris is planning to hold on New Years Eve, rises tension between the characters and leads the reader in suspense, waiting to see what might happen.


Although minor conflicts arise throughout the book, including those between characters and those between characters and the law, the major conflict revolves around the party that is going to happen on New Years Eve. First, Chris was reluctant to throw the party, but Sara was able to manipulate him using her beauty, and now she just keeps adding on and on to the extent of the party; always going against the opinion of Chris. As the plot continues to rise, all of the minor conflicts seem to be coming together at the party as well.

Main Characters

An intriguing read that is guaranteed to excite readers


A common theme that continues to reappear throughout the novel is that greed brings out the worst in people and can cause people to do anything to get the things that they want. In the novel, a great example of this is the manipulation of Chris constantly by Sara to make the party into something that she wants rather than what Chris wants. She even offers to sleep with Chris is order to get the things that she wants to happen at the party.

"So you are born in the capital of the world and you can never escape and that's how it is because that's how everyone wants it to be. It is all about want. No one needs anything here" (22).

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