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On September 11th , 2001 19 Al-Qaeda militants hijacked planes to carry out suicide attacks in the United States. Out of the four planes that were taken over two of them were flown into the towers of the World Trade Center in New York. The third plane hit the pentagon right outside of Washington D.C. while the fourth one crashed in a field around Pennsylvania. 3,000 people were killed in the attack that happened in New York and Washington D.C

Perspective #1

As a Muslim American living in the U.S. was very difficult after the 9/11 attack. All Muslims were viewed as terrorist and people acted differently when they encountered a Muslim. If someone of this ethnicity was going to aboard a plane after the attack security would do full body searches on them rather than doing it to any other race.. Muslims were viewed as very dangerous and people all around the world stereotyped them because of what people have done that are the same ethnicity as them.
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Perspective #2

9/11 was one of the most difficult days for New York firefighters. As they rushed in the building smoke filled the room and they had idea where they were going. They evacuated everyone from the floors before that the plane did not attack but they couldn't save everyone due to the panic that was caused from the event. Many firefighters didn't make it out because of the amount of dust and smoke that was all around the building it made them impossible to breathe.
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Media Biased

The media took this horrific event as a start of a new war that was going to happen between the U.S and Iraq. They believed that because all of the threats that were getting sent to the U.S. conflict will keep going between both. The media made it seem like just because attacks happened on this day more were going to come in the future. By doing this caused many people to up security when dealing with foreigners..

Historical Criticism

Arabian countries and the United States are known for having problems. In the past we have had many wars that have not been resolved with a solution. They say that history repeats its self and once the militants hiacked the plane and flew it into the world trade center many thought that another country was trying to get revenge on the U.S since they have had many encounters with foreign countries in the past.

Cultural Criticsm

Muslim people had to go through alot of racist backlash after the 9/11 attack. People were scared to be around them and security at airports got more strict. Even tough Muslims did not make the attack at the world trade center many linked them toward the terrorist group Al-Qaeda because they practice the same religion. The stereotypes are still very popular in todays society because people still feel like Muslims cant be trusted because of the attack


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