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Important Information and Reminders

Attendance: Regular attendance is expected of all Lone Star Language Academy students due to the rigor of our curriculum. Consistent school attendance is an essential component of each student’s education. Official attendance is taken each day at 10:00 am and recorded each instructional period. Tardy and early checkouts are also recorded each day.

Absence and Tardiness: When a student must be absent from school, parents are asked to call the school each day the student will be absent. Upon returning to school, the student must bring a note, signed by the parent, or a medical excuse signed and dated by a provider that describes the reason for the absence. Notes should be submitted to Ms. Carrera within 48 hours of returning and may be scanned, or emailed to the school. If a note is not received within 2 school days of the absence, the absence will be recorded as unexcused.

Visitor and Volunteer Policy: Lone Star Language Academy encourages parents and family members to regularly visit the school and become involved in student activities. The impact that positive parental involvement has on the learning and development of students is immeasurable. With that in mind, the following policies must be adhered to so that a safe, secure, and productive learning environment can be ensured for all.

• Visitors MUST sign in at the main office whenever they are on campus. They will be provided with a visitor ID that must be worn while on campus. Visitors are not permitted to make unscheduled or drop-in visits to classrooms.

• When visiting campus to meet with teaching staff, visitors must have a pre-arranged time set up with the teacher(s) in question except for urgent matters. Times are best arranged via email.

• Volunteers MUST go through a background check conducted by our district office. Once the check is cleared, volunteers are notified and may begin helping on campus. Until this clearance is obtained, they are not to be involved in any educational or extra-curricular activities.

Teacher Spotlight

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Friday TUnes

Friday Tunes is an LSLA program that allows Mr. Soto to incorporate formal music lessons to perform and allow students to unwind. Each Friday, students are asked to participate by dressing up as the music era being taught that day. Take the time to join in on the fun and help LSLA grow our music department.

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Message from Ms. Carrera:

Check out last weeks recap! Students participated in an emergency response training in the event we have serious situations occur. We do monthly fire drills and will also do three lockdown practice drills each year.

LSLA truly appreciates ALL of our parents. Thank you to those who have brought and donated items such as food, water, cokes, Fall theme decorations. Words cannot express the gratitude we have.

We hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend and can't wait to see you this evening at the PTO meeting.

Have a nice weekend & Go EAGLES!

Ms. Priscila Carrera

About Lone Star Language Academy

The mission of the Lone Star Language Academy is to provide every student an innovative 21st Century learning experience in an environment that is supported by rigorous and engaging instruction and language acquisition that connects to every child's life experiences.