Robert M. La Follette

Battling Bob

The working Begining that was difficult

La Follette was born in a log cabin in Primrose, Wisconsin. He grew up in Dane county where his father had died. With having a bad relationship with his step father. He had a close relationship with his Grandfather. Graduated from oratory in the University of Wisconsin. Married Belle Case December 31, 1881 who was in a feminist movement for all the women out there in America.

Robert M. La Follette the Progressive

He ran for progressivism for the republican party. He was fighting for the Native and African rights for them. Fighting for the rights for women. Consumer rights he was fighting for. He attracted other progressives to fight. nickname FIGHTING BOB.

Battling Bob

He Acomplished!

Battling Bob Made it through

He became the American Governor of Wisconsin. He became the Senator of Wisconsin after from being a Governor. He was a republican nominee for the 1924 election. Plus he gained a lot of attention from muckraker Lincoln Steffens.

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Why I researched La Follette

I researched him because he was trying to make a change and keeps on trying and never gives up on any bit of information. Also I am interested in The Republican party with there history in life. He was fighting for the rights for minorities and the people who are left out. That's why I am interested in Robert M. La Follette.