Curved TV

New Tech


Many know technology is advancing, so are the TV's. Now Samsung is soon going to release curved TV's. Samsung's new TV says to provide the same great experience as three monitors on one single huge screen and at 4K resolution. This TV will be great for gaming. But it's a bit of overkill, particularly since even the newest consoles like the Xbox One top out at 1080p.

My Thoughts

I think this is great. A curved TV just overdid itself in a positive way. A curved TV will help with entertainment and football games. Also if you can hook it up to a computer, that will be awesome. For me personally it will be better than a touchscreen. I was honestly shocked when I seen this. First Samsung was talking about a curved phone for the Galaxy and it was supposed to go all the way on the edge and you can see your text messages. I wonder what special features this TV will include. Samsung is getting curved out.