Mrs. Cohen's First Grade News

February 2014

Important Dates and Reminders

This is the time of year that the children have anxiously been awaiting! Your child will be bringing home his/her first report card for first grade. We will be celebrating the 100th Day of School as well! It is hard to believe that we have been together that long!

Important Dates:

Groundhog Day 2/2

Book Orders DUE 2/6

Report Cards Issued 2/7

NO SCHOOL 2/14, 2/17 & 2/18

Scheduled Conferences 2/18

100th Day of School 2/19 (tentatively)

As a reminder, please have your child handwrite his or her Valentine's to the class. Please make sure that your child puts a name on the front of each envelope/Valentine; as it is your child that will be playing "postmaster" and delivering the mail. Thanks :)

This is a GREAT activity for a snow day... hint hint

ELA Update:

We are currently working on Lesson 17 in our anthology. Due to the inclement weather, our week long lesson will not be Mon - Fri. Therefore, this week, you will find, we will extend the spelling list through Tuesday, 2/11. Then, we will begin Lesson 18 the next day. Bare with us, spring is insight....

Continue to practice High Frequency Words and Robust Vocabulary Words. As always, the spelling lists are on and could be practiced on any upcoming days off.

MATH Update:

We will be spending a few more days on Unit 5. Then, we will test Unit 5, take a mid-year test and then begin Unit 6. Please continue to practice math facts. Math Magician and Xtramath are both excellent ways for your child to practice his/her facts.


Although February is the shortest month, it is also the most jam-packed. We will be learning about Groundhog's Day, Dental Health, Valentine's Day and Presidents (Lincoln and Washington). We will also spend Day 100 doing all things "100!" It's sure to be a fun-filled month!