Jesse Owens

Was an athletic Track and Field legend

Overview of Holocaust

It was a very dark time in American history, because of this it was when Hitler was killing a lot of Jews, little kids. The years during that time were 1933 to 1942

Definition/Background Information

Jesse Owens was born September 12,1913 full name, James Cleveland Owens. Died: march31,1980. Jesse Owens discovered his gift for track in grade school through college. Jesse Owens has never gave up on track every curveball that has been thrown at him every challenge that was hard, he has accomplished thing that America has not accomplished yet. and the records that have been set will still be in the book of hall of fame records.

Original Research Question

how did Jesse Owens become known as a legend?

people world wide wondered why is Jesse Owens one of the greats, well when you know that persons background and there history of running track and field, you think to yourself I didn't know that. and people will start to realize oh so that's how that person became who he is. but Jesse Owens wasn't just known for those things, he was also known for his athleticism, his speed, and his personality. And for those reasons that's why he is a legend to everybody in the USA.


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