Speight Technology Bulletin

Week of November 16th - November 20th

What's up this week at Speight Middle?

Events or times may be subject to change as the week progresses. :)

Monday, November 16th

  • Science dept meeting will be rescheduled due to iReady training.
  • iReady Training @ Jones from 4 - 5:30pm. Bring a charged laptop!
  • Google Forms session cancelled due to iReady training. Will reschedule another time.

Tuesday, November 17th

  • Leadership team meeting @ 3:45pm.
  • Provisional/Lateral Entry meeting @ Central Office - 4:00pm - 5:00pm. (Only for those that received an email about attending)
  • Google Drive session after school with Mr. Straub! Sign up to attend here.

Wednesday, November 18th

  • Our first Cougar Career Club meeting day! (10:00am - 11:00am)
  • PBIS meeting after school @ 3:45pm

Thursday, November 19th

  • Progress Reports due
  • WEP Adult spelling bee @ Beddingfield
  • Google Extensions session after school with Ms. Baugh! Sign up to attend here.

Friday, November 20th

  • Data due to Ms. Budd, Data Binders, and your Dept chair (Google Folder)
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The following students have iPads out for repairs this week:

  1. Antrell Lucas
  2. Katlyn Drew
  3. Karla Bautista
  4. Irron Edwards
  5. Kayla Hayer
  6. Wesley Battle
  7. Nathan Coley

Please continue to encourage your students to handle these devices with care. We've had a lot of cracked screens lately!
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The following iPads are ready to be picked up from the library:

  1. Lyniah Ellis
  2. Tyler Pegram
  3. Shidaizsha Davis

Please remind them to bring their iPad cases and their loaner iPad if they had one.

PD Sessions from your eLearning Team!

Reminder - The Speight Middle School's eLearning team is offering after school PD sessions to help you with whatever you need! Starting this week, we will have a week dedicated to Google. We have set up this PD session based off of your feedback from September's staff meeting. Check out the Google Form to see what is offered! Hope to see you there!

PS - Monday's Google Form session has been cancelled due to iReady training.

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ABC Strategy

Purpose: This strategy is used to activate background knowledge before discussing a major topic, and the chart can be revised or additions can be made as the information is being covered. It can also be used at the end of a reading unit to assess how much students have retained.


1. Give students a sheet of white-lined paper.

2. Ask them to write a letter of the alphabet on each line.

3. Ask students to think of a word or phrase associated with the topic.

4. They should then match that word or phrase to a letter in the alphabet.

5. Allow them to work individually at first.

6. They can fill out the sheet in no particular order.

7. After reading, they can go back and fill in the blanks.


Topic: World War II

The students might list



Concentration Camps









See the graphic organizer here.

-Thanks to Ms. L. Lofton for providing this week's classroom strategy! :-)

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Technology Tip of the Week - Mass QR Code Generator

Use QR codes in your classroom? QR codes are those pixelated images you scan with a QR reader that will bring you to a website or source you assign to that particular image. You could use QR codes to review content, act as an interactive activity, or guess and check work. If you use QR codes in your classroom, you would love QR explore. QR explore allows you to generate a mass amount of QR codes at one time. You just type what you want on your QR codes in the box and and press generate. It will then email you a PDF file with your QR codes. Just print and hang up around your room!

The Hour of Code is coming!

The week of December 7th - 11th marks the week of "hour of code!" Stay tuned for details! :-)

iPad Accessories Ready for Pick Up

Please send kids highlighted in Green to pick up their paid accessories. Thanks!


Attention, Attention!

If you have any important info that you need displayed on the Speight's webpage or Facebook page, please let Ms. Baugh know! Parents have been looking at our webpage and our Facebook and we want to keep them informed!

Also, if you're incorporating technology into your lessons, please take some pics and share them with me! I can add them to our newsletter and school website! Thanks! :-)