QHHC Central Sulawesi trip

June 2013

Boarding House, Palu

A meeting with Major Usmany and a site visit to the boarding house land was the first stop during our trip.

The title was confirmed in mid May and the builders discovered the need to place very deep footings on the block. We had initially hoped to build cheap Minado style timber building - but after the builders consulted with the Majors office re the land and the need for a strong earthquake proof building - plans where re drawn and the new proposal Is now available. The bottom line for the QHHC and Partners as the donors is that the price for the building will be substantially higher - this is reflective of a few items the first being the more solid construction of the building and the movement in costs through the rise in oil prices in the past two months.

I am very confident that the project will be well built and financially managed correctly through the Majors office. This project also is aimed at celebrating the centenary of the Salvation Army Education Korps bringing education to the Sulawesi Tengah Region.

Brett South

Visit to Porelea and Kantewu

Our visit to the mountain communities took us to the south Palu region [past the famous Lora Lindu National park] and into the mountains - home of the Uma tribe/clan. A 2.5 hr car ride and then a 2 hr motorbike ride to the isolated mountain village of Poralea to spend the night and visit the site of a new school building we are proposing to assist the SA Education Korps. We received a wonderful traditional welcome from the whole village of around 1500 persons. The next day we visited the Poralea Desa Primary school, handing out the Agility PT donation of school bags /pencils and books.

We met with the village elders to discuss renovations to the current school building, and we will be looking a partners and fund raising opportunities for this project to help the Porelea community to establish a better educational environment for their children.

It was then onto Kantewu to enjoy the QHHC funded soccer tournament. We were met by the 8 soccer teams competing and villagers. We received a wonderful traditional welcome. The tournament complete with spectacular mountain backdrop, culminated in an exciting penalty shootout. A huge success, we will be supporting this initiative again next year.

About QHHC Indonesia

Qantas Helping Hands Community Indonesia Peoject is a group of Qantas Staff, friends and family, partnering with other organisations to make a difference in Indonesia with a focus on education to improve the lives of disadvantaged people.

If you'd like to know more about the Sulawesi trips, our fund raising, educational sponsorships or any other way you can get involved contact Brett South redbrett@gmail.com.

Dongi Dongi land acquired - School to be built

After a long trip back to Palu and a good nights rest in the comfy beds at the Palu Santika and we where able to get a late start to head to our latest project at the village of Dongi -Dongi - two hours south-west of Kota Palu by car. This beautiful village [in a national park] requires a new primary school [ it is old and floods regularly] and we were able to assist with the purchase of the land - the school is going to be a another building relocated to the site form close by -we will attempt to assist with these costs.

We had great visit with the school kids and teachers and all of us felt a real sense on involvement with these bright eyed and vivacious kids - we really hope the new school will present the kids with much better opportunities in the future.