Words of Wisdom

While mastering stress is a life-long task, it can badly interfere with both the intellectual and emotional attractions of teaching. The important virtue to remember about being an educator and managing stress is that we must not get carried away with our passion, but we should seek balance in our lives, and remember to reserve a part of our love we extend to others for ourselves.

Find comfort in the awesome role you are playing in many people's lives. The world is a much better place because of the works and gifts of educators.

  • Celebrate the high points. If you can't seem to find any high points, then it is probably time to reassess where you need to be.
  • Remember to stay in touch with your inner self. Be forever mindful of who you are and the reasons you hold teaching in high esteem.
  • Manage the pedagogical stressors positively and keep in the forefront of your thinking those things which are true, beautiful and good about being an educator.

Quick Tips:

  • Find your Balance
  • Reward Yourself--Do not move immediately from one task to another, reward yourself with things you consider as incentives.
  • Establish Meaning and Relevance
  • Develop Short- and Long-Term Goals: Where do I want to be in five years and what must I do to get there?
  • Connect with Colleagues
  • Manage Time--Do not attempt to accomplish too many tasks in a day. Prioritize and leave a bit of time for yourself.
  • Control Your Schedule

Quick Tips