Monday Musings

Thoughts from your Head Teacher

Thank you all for your support at the garden party yesterday afternoon. It was a lovely sunny time and so great to see so many children, parents, grandparents and residents on site to celebrate our new garden. I cannot say enough thank you's to every person who at some time in the last year has given up time to make the garden space happen.. there have been lots of Saturday mornings and after school time and your support has been fantastic. We are now all looking forward to enjoying the space with the children - imagine what great stories can be written inside the teepee or sat in the boat!


Ruth and I are travelling to London on Tuesday this week with Spencer, Luke and Ben (The FlowerPot Men!) to attend the Virgin Fiver Challenge Award Ceremony. It is a fun packed day starting with a tour of the Ripleys 'Believe it or Not!' Museum, lunch, then award ceremony in a hotel, finishing with dinner at The RainForest Cafe. Our team won the category for 'Best Community Engagement' and I am delighted that they are receiving this national award. I will post pictures on our return!
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I am travelling to London (again! twice in one week!) on Thursday this week to attend an Ofsted Conference on the new Common Inspection Framework and also taking the opportunity to visit Rose Hill Montessori Nursery and Primary School in Forest Hill. There will be no choir this week - but I will be having a half an hour choir session on Wednesday lunch time instead.


I am looking forward to our first Enrichment Day with Premier Sport on Friday this week. All your children will be attending Archery sessions throughout the day as part of our Robin Hood themed event. If they want to come dressed up as a character from Robin Hood then that would be great!
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How shall I tie my hair today?

Please can I ask that children with hair longer than shoulder length have it tied up during the school day. Thank you.