6th Grade Technology

By: Evan Friendshuh

Typing Web

  • We always start off class with 5 minutes of typing.
  • This website helps you get better at typing.
  • There are multiple different courses to complete.
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Haiku Deck

  • We got to choose a career for ourselves.
  • Made very cool presentations with facts about our career.
  • Got to use the Career Locker website.
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  • Learned how to go more in depth with iMovie.
  • We got to choose our topic for the movie.
  • The movie trailer looked amazing after we edited them.
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Explain everything

  • We got to choose math problems to demonstrate.
  • Got to solve them while drawing on the screen.
  • Recorded our voice to make the best slideshow possible.
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Career Locker

  • Gave us a lot of information about our career.
  • We got to do tests to show us our best careers.
  • Mrs. Vanden Boogard helped us with the tests.
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  • Were able to experiment with different strategies.
  • Had the opportunity to make our own games.
  • We got to move blocks into the workspace to move characters.
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