Think Before You Drink

Abusing alcohol is not a good choice

Dulled Senses

Alcohol dulls some of your senses if abused. Blurry vision is one example of a short-term effect. Also, the smell and taste buds of an intoxicated person are impaired and aren't working at full capacity. Lastly, hearing loss is possible and may occur even if you don't realize it.

Increased Disease Risk

Many diseases are possible if you abuse alcohol. Cancer can occur in the mouth, tongue, throat, esophagus, stomach, or liver. Also cirrhosis of the liver is possible. Lastly, the risk of heart attack and stroke increase. Alcohol can also cause high blood pressure and an enlarged heart.

Social Problems

Alcohol causes many problems between you and your family, your friends, and even your colleagues. If you are illegally drinking and are still in school, your grades might drop and you might miss many school days. Missing work days or not getting work done is also common. Lastly, you might get into many fights with your family.

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