Ancient Greece

By:Amelia Birker


My research is on Ancient Greece. I have three main topics about Ancient Greece and I would like to share them with you, and if you want to know more about them just read below and you'll know a lot in no time.

Slavery In Ancient Greece

In Ancient Greece there were a lot of people who were not freed. About two-fifths were slaves. The slaves only got two meals a day. Usually they ate bread, veggies, fruit, wine. They replace cheese often with fish.

Beginnings Of Ancient Greece

The Ancient Greece people began around 1900-1600s B.C. When they came they were very laid back. They destroyed Aegean cites. Many years later they apologized.

Types Of Goverments In Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece was known to have a lot of governments. Some types of governments they had were monacry, democracy, terrainy those are just a few of what they had. They were the first to have a democracy country.There democracy was hand written.


In all i learned that Ancient Greece was very interesting an i had fun with this project and i hope we can do another one just like it.


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