Joep van Gils as president

the president you've been waiting for!

reasons why you should vote on van Gils

I got 2 important laws i want to change. the first one is that I want to change the law is that i think you should be able to drink alcohol at the age of 18 because then you are a adult. For example, in the most Europian countries you can already drink at the age of 16!

the gun law

I don't think it should be legal to have a gun. It isnt humane to take another man's life only because you feel threaten or he commited a small crime like stealing. for self defence you can have a taser or pepper spray. you can only have a gun if you have permission from the goverment

plans for America

my plans for now are to change the laws that I named in this flyer. After that I'll be planning with my vice president what to do, but i promise you won't regret it if you vote!\

my vice president Barack Obama

my vice president will be Barack Obama because i think he also was a great president and i think if we can combine our leadership we can make the U.S. better then it already was!