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Happy Holidays!!

Happy, happy holidays to all our amazing athletes!

Join us this week for some fun classes and keep your fitness on track through the holiday and start of the new year.

Classes this week:
Monday: normal schedule
Tuesday: Christmas Eve Rocking workout at 7am at Sol Alchemy TRX Studio. Space is limited to sign up here to reserve your spot.
Wednesday: Christmas Day. No classes. enjoy your day with family and friends.
Thursday: No classes
Friday: 8am Boot Camp Class at Cascade Indoor Sports

Sign up here to reserve your class!

Week 4 veggie challenge

Don't loose momentum or focus on your vegetables this week. It is so easy to forget to get your daily dose + so make it a point to have some fresh veggies cut in your fridge and portioned out to take along with you during the day.

Getting ready to go to a holiday party? grab some veggies on the way and go. Grab an apple or even a glass a water as this will help you enter the party full and ready to have fun.

Don't forget you can always swing by Mother's for a Veggie Blend or Opal Smoothie and ask for some extra greens. That is a great way to treat yourself to your veggies!

I know the season is about giving so make sure you are giving yourself the nutrition it deserves as you all work so hard in class! Feed the Machine!
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January purification challenge!

We will be hosting a January Purification thanks to Mara Kevan at Healing Response. As you all know this is the purification I did in September. This is not a No eating cleanse or a drink yourself thin type of thing, this is a purification to allow your body to get stocked up with healthy nutrients and relieve your body of all the processed foods, sugars, alcohol and meats we often consume, especially during the holidays. As some of you may remember I ate all day long on this, continued my training and have never felt better!

We will be hosting information meetings during each class to offer up details and answer any questions.

Wednesday January 8th-5:30pm class
Thursday January 9th-6am class
Friday January 10th- 9am class

We will also be doing a kick-off meeting on Saturday January 25th after our new 8am Saturday class. We will be meeting at Mother's Cafe on the East side to kick off the purification, taste some of their delicious juices and get all you need for the your 21 day journey.

As a group we will be starting the purification on Sunday January 26th and will be meeting as a group and using it as a support to jump start our 2014 together.

Here is an overview of what the 21 days will look like!
The first 10 days are the heart of the cleanse where you eat unlimited vegetables and have smoothies with the protein powder that I provide you with.
Starting Day 11, you can re-introduce a food protein such as fish, chicken, eggs, or nuts & seeds. Days 11-21 you are continuing to do the protein smoothies, base your diet on unlimited vegetables and also have the added protein source.
Day 21 completes the purification program.
Day 22 begins the post purification program and for these following 3 weeks, you continue to instill the good eating habits that you developed during the 21-day cleanse.
Each week, you will come in for an acupuncture appointment (3-6 total treatments) to support you in reaching your health goals and over-all wellness.
I don't guarantee anything in medicine. I do guarantee that following an anti-inflammatory food regimen, doing a cleanse 2-3x year to press the "re-start" button, having acupuncture regularly and daily exercise supports us in balancing blood sugar levels! A balanced blood sugar level ensures clear mental clarity, good energy, great sleep, increased libido, decreased pain, improved digestion, clear skin, tranquil mood, and healthy weight levels! Let's start 2014 feeling your very best! We are here for you in support, every step of the way to obtaining optimal wellness!

New Classes for 2014

As a reminder we will be adding a new Saturday class starting January 4th at 8am at Sol Alchemy TRX Studio. The class will incorporate a mix of Total Body, HIIT, Boot Camp, running, TRX and of course Yoga!

Our 5:30pm classes will be adding an extra night to allow you to have more classes to choose from. We are also adding an evening Yoga class to mix up your strength and help you work on increased range of motion, mental focus but also a rejuvenating way to end your day. Check the schedule for the addition of classes.

We will also be offering a Monday noon Yoga for athletes class starting January 7th. Sam Osborne will be leading this powerful class and it is open to all levels and all athletes. The class will be held at Sol Alchemy.