Maycomb Daily Madness: Dec 30, 1934



Great devastation almost hit the streets of Maycomb when a rabid dog made his way down our city paths. So soon after the holidays, it seems that misfortune pays no mind to a timeline as just yesterday disaster struck in the form off a four legged demon. The canine, known by the name of “Tim Johnson”, was spotted by the two Finch children just outside the woods bordering our town. Tim Johnson (owned by Mr. Harry Johnson) was known by many as an ordinary town pet, wrecking no havoc, simply engaging in regular dog activates. The children, Jem and Jean Louis Finch, confused by the animals strange behavior rushed home to alert someone of the pooch’s peculiar state. They informed their maid, Calpurina, of the animals behavior and the negro soon alerted the entire neighborhood of the predicament. Our towns Sherriff was brought back to handle the situation by the father of the two children and employer of the maid, Atticus Finch. The hero of this story was not however, Heck Tate (sheriff) with his rifle and shiny badge, but the middle- aged lawyer, Atticus Finch, shooting the mad dog down in be speckled glory. Anyone who knows Atticus is aware his activities are not of the general hunting and fishing variety that regulate the timetables of Maycombs fathers. Yet no one doubts the skill it took to shoot down the creature despite the considerable distance. Witnesses say it was the Sherriff doubting his own skill that resulted in the rifle in Mr. Finchs hand. However precautions were taken to ensure the towns safety and to that we all are thankful. This event is not the only that seems to be including the name “Atticus Finch”, the same lawyer who shot down a rabid dog saving the town is the one defending a black man in court. A man who appeared a harmless enough intelligent man content with case files and reading, is now revealed to be equally comfortable around weapons. Are the streets of Maycomb really safe after all? Read more on the “Finch defends Robinson dilemma” on page 4…..